Arrow Precision Rods

Arrow Precision manufacture what are possibly the best connecting rods available!

These rods are manufactured in the UK to meet professional motorsports standards using a vacuum de-gassed nickel-chrome alloy steel (Double air melt) which has a very low sulfur content (.025%). This means fewer inclusions and faults and a exceptionally uniform connecting rod.

This quality also means they are balanced almost perfectly right out of the box and have a fantastic strength to weight ratio.

These rods are used in World Rally Cars, LeMans Series, F3, Pro Touring Cars, F3000, and our VAC Race Engines.

This is the M20 rod you want if high HP and high RPMs are required. There isn't a better choice!

Arrow Precision Crankshafts

For the highest revving and most durable 4AG build, chose Arrow Precision for your crankshaft. Recent Arrow Crankshaft successes include: The street-legal saloon world speed record with the Brabus E V12. The Nürburgring lap record with the Radical SR3 Turbo.

First place in the LM2 Class and second place in LM1, with the Judd-powered cars in this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours. They all relied on Arrow crankshafts to help them achieve their outstanding performance.

Order through VAC; this crankshaft offers excellent cost savings over a Formula Atlantic crank, yet is of exquisite quality.

Full counter balanced to eliminate harmonics caused by less than race-precise distribution of weight. This improvement in balance and reduction in weight reduces vibrations and friction, increasing bearing life and engine reliability during extreme use.

If your building a 4AG for Road Racing, Drifting, Rally or any other engine punishing motorsports, you will achieve max performance with Arrows proven crankshafts.

"5AG" stroker cranks also available on request.

  • FEA analysis
  • Super high grade low sulphur CORUS steel in EN40B (722M24)
  • Fully machined
  • Nitrided layer is of uniform thickness around entire surface
  • Balanced between 2 and 15 grams (depending on the number of cylinders)
  • 100% crack detection
  • Certification – material, heat treatments, balancing, critical detail inspection report, (Roundness trace as required and topography trace as required)
  • Standard 77mm stroke
  • Reduced weight:11.25kg (std=12.75kg)

If you seek the finest competition crankshaft for your project, look no further. From custom to production, from vintage to LeMans, you need Arrow at the heart of your engine.