Engine Building / Large Projects

Q: What is the procedure to buy a performance cylinder head?


Contact us at VAC so that we may give you a job number

We will go over any typical cost you may incur and place your order for our head performance service


It is recommended that your cams be removed from the cylinder head if possible before shipping to lighten the package and avoid bending the valves.

Note: If you would like, reinstallation of camshaft/s is an additional $80-140 depending on head.


Packaging: Wrap you head in a plastic bag and mail your good core to VAC (or purchase a tested core from us).

It is best to purchase a double wall box. If you can not find one, we recommend that you reinforce the inner walls with additional cardboard. Package your head keeping in mind that it now has very fragile components exposed and they must be protected.

NOTE: we have seen poorly packed boxes and during transit shipping handlers box's turn over at times. To avoid holes and punctures to the box structure, reinforce the walls well.


Ship through the carrier of you choice, we recommend UPS Ground service

-Insure most 4cyl Cores for $600 ($1200 for S14)
-Insure most 6cyl Cores for $900 or more

It is mandatory you include your shipping and contact information inside of the box, as well as on the outside!

If for any reason the outer label becomes detached or damaged; the head will find its way to us, or back to you.

Q: What is the typical procedure for you to build my engine?

When getting started with an engine build, we typically like to ask our client for the following information:

What type of fuel will you be using? Octane rating?
What type of engine management will you be running, or will you require?
What power goals do you have?
What budget would you like to work within?
What type of driving street/track (and how often) will the vehicle see?
What interval should the engine be refreshed (if race) or miles/ years between rebuilds (if street) We can build from a core engine you supply us, or we can also supply a core in cases, on request. Our preference is to work from your currently running engine if possible.

We can also provide you with a freight company that will help you take care of shipping your engine to us from nearly anywhere on the globe, and back.

Payment for engine building is upfront, though depending on the project, we may be able to start with a 50% deposit.

All rebuilds and machine work are on a "first-in, first-out" basis. There are times during the race season that our typical turn around time might be longer.

If you are on a particular time frame, PLEASE discuss this first; we will do our very best to accommodate you but additional fees must be incurred if you wish to have your job expedited.

Q: What is your warranty on VAC engines and heads?

We stand behind our rebuilt engines and heads and offer a 30 day from purchase "Quality Guarantee" on all workmanship and labor in our ‘’rebuilt / refreshed’’ components for manufacturer defects.

However; like all other engine builders or engine remanufacturers, all high performance or race builds & parts are without warrantee. Once the engine/ head is built for use in a high-performance/race application, no warranty is expressed or implied. Any engine/engines/heads intended or modified in any way from 100% stock reconditioning are sold as a "racing component”.

To feel the greatest peace of mind when your engine is under the strain of high performance applications, consider our 'Stage 2' and 'Stage 3' heads, or our fully built engines with Arrow Rods and CP Pistons. With their upgraded strength and exceptional precision, they are suited for the highest reliability under race and extreme street car use.

Warranty Restrictions:

VAC's warranty covers the component that has failed, and that component only. It does not cover any costs incurred beyond the stated, such as: teardowns, tuning, shipping/ handling/ insurance charges, towing, Mechanic / Service shop time, rentals, etc.
During the warranty period, if your engine or head has a warranty issue, we will hold the cost of repairs on credit card authorization.