JRZ Suspensions

The worlds most flexible kit for the E30 chassis:

Have you found that the spring & shock or coilover kits produced for your vehicle leave something to be desired? The E30 is perhaps the most universally appreciated 3 series ever made; classic yet capable.

Most "suspension solutions" for the E30 leave many people wanting more, and are simply not able to meet the needs of the hardcore BMW enthusiast.

If you want to be competitive on the track with your E30, drive fast on the street with excellent comfort, or just have the nicest resto-mod E30 you can build; JRZ is the ultimate choice.

VAC has been making motorsports-grade solutions for the E30 for years and ever since we have started with JRZ we have been supremely impressed with the performance of these systems.

For JRZ, Even spindle type suspensions like the E30 utilizes are not a problem. Thanks to our relationship with JRZ, we offer their damper building prowess for this classic 3-series.

We have found JRZ technology to be head and shoulders above other products on the market. Their proven list of racetrack success and podium placements speaks to their commitment to excellence.

If you take a look at current damper technology available to the BMW enthusiast, it is clear that there are many Koni and Bilstein based kits for the damper and coilover customer. While these have their place, the manufacturing tolerances/materials and technology used in these dampers are inferior to those used in the JRZ RS line.

JRZ RS series represent the latest technology developed directly from professional racing at a price point for the enthusiast. The most obvious improvement of what these offer over the old standards is amazing handling with terrific ride quality. That means even with lower ride heights and higher spring rates the chassis is far more composed than any typical mass produced shock - over rough pavement or your favorite road.

Near their softest settings, JRZ RS Dampers offer ride quality that is often more comfortable than OEM on the street. With a turn of a knob the ability to turn extremely fast and consistent lap times is easily found. For the times when you are on the track, you will want to set the suspension stiffer for the smoother, higher-grip surfaces. You can expect the sharp and athletic response expected from a true track day car. NO other suspension offers this level of adjustment to such a high degree as the RS series! For the street, think of the JRZ as "having your cake, and eating it too"- truly superior handling mixed with a supportive ride.

For the track JRZ is a proven winner in every forum of motorsport and dominant in sports car racing. You need look at nothing else.

About JRZ: A widely recognized leader in track suspension throughout the world. Since 1995, JRZ has been the first and best suspension for the serious privateer racer. With the inception of the RS line, we can offer amazingly flexible suspension system, at a positively excellent value... The RS Series offer the client consistent, durable, repeatable results through quality materials and motorsports level adjustability that nothing in this price range can touch. JRZ worked for many years to develop a 'dual use' system that is sensitive enough for those who have felt the suspension of a competitive race car with shocks that can cost over 10k dollars, but durable enough for a street car that can see every day use if the owner wishes. JRZ's valving and wide range of adjustability allows for everything from complaint street rates, around the 4-500 lbs. range all the way up to rates typically found on dedicated track machines in the 800-1000 lbs. without issue. Others adjustable dampers used in lesser kits manage only about + or - 150lbs of range before their valving is outside of ideal.

E30 & E30 M3

RS1 (1 adjuster, simultaneous compression and rebound) A favorite of enthusiasts that want simple adjustment and excellent results with little effort. Exceeds any Bilstein or Koni shocks performance, laptime and comfort by large margins. Great for budget minded racers and serious street enthusiasts. JRZs Mono-tube design is made from RS Pro series components so there are no compromises in quality or durability; only simplicity and value.

RS2 (2 adjuster, independent compression and rebound) : an affordable two-way solution that's dominant in BMW club racing. 2-way and easily adjustable, with no external reservoirs. These systems meet the needs of the dedicated club driver, or high end street car street car that spends weekends at the track in a competitive setting. Popular for a reason and highly sensitive to adjustment. The RS's control of both compression and rebound adjustment, independently. No one has ever done this with high-gas pressure. One can adjust the JRZ’s rebound without affecting compression. The advantage of gas pressure is that it stops oil from foaming and provides lifting force for the piston. No one else has figured out how to build a seal that allows gas pressure in a true twin tube. JRZ is the only one in the world that can do this. It’s something they’ve learned at showroom stock racing, and their package now gets the technology to the road.

RS-Pro (2 adjuster, independent compression and rebound w/ external reservoir): Allows the driver to adjust compression and rebound, with the added heat dissipation and reserve of an external reservoir. The champion of road racing, touring car, hillclimb and more- all without a 5-digit price tag.
A favorite of exotic car enthusiasts and often found as upgrades even on Porsche GT3s, Lamborghini Superlegeras and Ferrari Stradales that are raced and even driven on the street by real enthusiasts: can still keep excellent street composure! The RS-Pro system offers a very wide range of adjustment. Whether matching your chassis to performance street rates and tires or stiff race-springs and full slick tires: the RS-Pro works perfectly! High rigidity motorsport derived dampers deliver exceptional body control for any street scenario or lap after lap of punishment.

Note: JRZ Requires customer to send in, or provide a set of core fronts strut spindles for completion
As these are high end solution, there are details that you may wish to discuss with a professional. We welcome you call or email us for your no-pressure chat with one of our setup gurus.

Available in independent 2-way internal, 2-way + canister configurations.
Outstanding damping qualities aid this older chassis competitiveness
Available for street use and racing
Systems can range from basic race-grade adaptations to super high end all out competition solutions.

Each one of our E30 JRZ Coilover kit includes:

  • (4) JRZ Dampers
  • (4) JRZ recommended Eibach ERS Linear Springs
  • (2) Front Spring Perches
  • (2) Rear Spring Height Adjusters

Options include:

  • (2) Front Camber Plates & Rear Shock Mounts (by Ground Control)(4) 150lbs Eibach Tender springs and (4) couplers
  • (4) 150lbs Eibach Tender springs and (4) couplers

*Please note that a set of un-damaged front suspension spindles are required as cores for building such systems*