MLS Head Gasket

Q: I hear lots of mixed things about MLS gaskets, whats the TRUTH?

A: Much about the MLS gaskets you may hear is false.
There are many rumors and misunderstandings about MLS technology from the statement "MLS gaskets should be replaced yearly" to "MLS gaskets simply don't work" for example.
The truth is, many newer cars and motorcycles are factory equipped with MLS gaskets. They would never have that stipulation about replacing them yearly, or having them be more troublesome than older gasket material. These blanket statements are also false for aftermarket MLS gaskets like our as well. So where do the reports of bad results come from?...

This is simple: MLS gaskets almost always NEED to be installed after your head (and in some cases your block) are resurfaced for a perfect mating surface. Due to the fact MLS gasket material is rigid (helping to resist blowing out) by design it can't make up for imperfections in the mating surface like softer gasket material does.

So while your BMW block is iron, and only needs to be resurfaced if your rebuilding your engine. While your doing a head gasket job however, the soft alloy head must be perfectly smooth AND straight to correctly mate along with the MLS gasket.

Also, stronger hardware helps greatly; now that the gasket doesn't want to blow out, combustion pressure wants to overcome the weak factory hardware. Installing an MLS along with upgraded hardware is highly recommended.

If everything is correctly installed as per your included instructions, you will have fantastic results with MLS technology. Without having to resort to cutting ring or pyramid gaskets.

Q: Can I reuse an MLS gasket?

A: Here is our take on this. If the engine hasn't been run very long (less than a few hundred miles or less than a few hours) an MLS gasket can almost surely be re-used if you have to remove the head.
We go by that guide and haven't had problems. Some people get away with a longer period, but due to the fact everyone has a different project and variance in between, there is no standard suggestion.

One thing we can say, is that if the "black coating" layer on the top and bottom of the gasket has come off in any way during removal, it should be discarded and replaced.

Q: The MLS Gasket can hold out if something goes wrong with my engine?

A: This is a trick question. While the MLS WILL be far more resilient than any traditional type, it must be installed as per the instructions included and is not a substitute for shoddy tuning.
If a car is improperly tuned, it can scorch the head gasket and cause damage. No engine internals, no matter how strong, will survive reliably with improper tuning.

Q: There are guys making crazy power with these! Is the MLS gasket almost Indestructable?

A:You will be hard pressed to find a modern racer not using an MLS gasket now a days. While nothing is indestructible, the combination of fine quality hardware and a MLS Head Gasket can net an engine capable of creating much more power (Boosted or NA) without head gasket failures.

The steel and its bonding material the MLS Gaskets are made from are more resilient to the harsh environment found under the hood than a traditional gasket, and because they are designed to be used with hardware that doesn't stretch like OEM, they can typically handle MUCH greater power output without being "blow out" as a traditional gasket would. (Example, drag racers running 40+ lbs of boost)

Q: How do I install the MLS Head Gasket?

A: Link: Our Tech instructions