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Team VAC Motorsports Racing

VAC Motorsports has been building, preparing and racing cars in the north east USA since the 80s. Our professional carries started in 1994, when we took on FIA Rally overseas in the Middle East. Moving onto pro racing venues in the USA, we always wanted to remember that our customers come first and with than in mind, along with our pro team involvement, we always try to maintain sponsorship and participation in many club level series such as BMW Club Racing, SCCA Club Racing, NASA, SVRA, IHRA along with others.

For the '09 season we participated in a few of the SPEED World Challenge Touring car class races with our #26 BMW 325i. We quickly found that the new guidelines in the series have been updated to allow for the new more powerful turbo and AWD platforms making our car built for the series over 10 years ago a bit dated, but we also noted that despite being restricted by rules on engine power, the E46 chassis is still every bit as competent in the corners now as it was then. While the rules do not allow us to increase the power of our engine, we are looking forward to further developments to our two E46 chassis cars in other series coming up.

In 2010 we opened our new race facility for full time business, focusing on our multitude of loyal customers and in between (almost never when we are this busy with customer projects) starting to work on our new race vehicles.

After more than a 6-year hiatus from professional racing to concentrate on customer service and our completely updated facility, Team VAC hopes to be back in regular action in 2012! We have two new platforms in development that we hope to hit the track with by the spring of the ‘12 season.

For more information and up to the minute updates, schedules, pictures and video, check out the VAC Motorsports Official Facebook Fan Page, and remember to click 'become a fan.'


Our local customer and friend Dave Clements, has always fought hard againts tough rivals with big budgets in his plethora of E30 drag cars. He has be NOPI Drag Racing Association (NDRA) 2007 World Finals Champion as well as 2008 Battle of the Imports Sportsman Eliminator & Quick 16 Champion running VAC Motorsports power!

Since 2006/2007 Dave Clements, the driver and team principal of DRT 1320 Racing who typically shows up to drag race with one of several 325s has been out to prove he can run with the big dogs. Dave is an exciting and charismatic driver, and fierce competitor who seems to find a way to win at just about every track he competes. Be sure to keep an eye out for Dave and show up to support DRT 1320 Racing and Team VAC as he sweeps the competition.

Dave is the most winning BMW Drag Racer in all major North American Drag Race sanctioning bodies! Way to go Dave!
We hope in the next few years as import drag racing gets back on its feet, Dave is there to show them whats up!

Team VAC Employee track day/ DE car:

Everyone here at VAC Motorsports is an avid enthusiast, so as a way to have fun and constantly hone the fundamentals of track car engineering, some of the team have built and maintained an employee DE car. All employees from the company are invited to help in any way they can and get hands on experience.

Built on the popular E36 platform this 325i 4dr; equipped with a stock high mileage M50, VAC Billet oil cooler kit, Recaro seating, our awesome VAC rear control arms, KW Variant 3 suspension, and more... is a shockingly quick and surprisingly inexpensive car. Purchased for $500, this basic 4-door sedan is a pleasure to drive and very controllable up to the limit. Passing much more powerful cars is a breeze thanks to proper setup and the synergy of quality components. We built this car from spare parts you can find anywhere. Put the right quality components in the right places, and you too can have a fun track car on a budget!...well, you can skip the clear tail lights.

'Bella' The track day E36 325i: From humble beginnings, as this....

To it's current full M3 Conversion 4-door "race car". Still running on off-the-shelf KW V3s and really feels great! A testament to the quality and engineering of their products.

Track Day and DE:

Armand our service manager, behind the wheel of one of our E36 R&D cars. This car is now our current in-house E36 turbo test car with killer GT35-R turbo!