SP Components – Con Rods

A new breakthrough value in Forged Connecting Rods!

Building your BMW engine is a high cost proposition; the right components can make all the difference but high quality rods have always been cost prohibitive to the enthusiast.

Help keep things together during extreme power output and high RPM with rods from SP Components. Many quality rods carry a price that can make your head spin, but not these. Comparable in price to "budget rods" these rods use the proven H-beam pattern, ARP hardware, careful quality control, polished cheeks, a very good strength to weight ratio and overall quality the competition can't match at this price. Unlike many rods that need lots of work in the machine shop to meet the proper wight and clearance tolerances, SP Components rods are balanced, trueness finished, and pre clearance. This means less time in the machine shop, and a rod that is a true value, not just an artificially low price!

M20 performance has been growing in popularity with the elevation of the E30 to cult status. If your building your M20 for boost or high RPMs and you want to do the job right without breaking your budget, consider the SP Components rods for reliable strength.