The VAC Motorsports Company

Q: I hear that you build world class BMW engines and parts, why is it that you do not promote yourself more?

A: Chances are, if you have ever watched videos of BMW race cars, or 500- 800- 1000 or even 1500 HP BMWs on Youtube, VAC is likely involved behind the scenes.
As one of the worlds premier BMW engine builders, working with hundreds of companies around the globe, we supply many top teams and BMW specilist with our knowledge and components.

Our engines and parts are fitted on cars that track the Nürburgring in Germany, Drift in Poland, Rally in South America, Drag race in Sweeden, Time Attack in Japan.
Wherever motorsports are taking place with BMWs, VAC Motorsports products from our family-owned shop in south Philadelphia have a presence.

It takes a great deal of time and resources to dedicate knowledgeable team members to the task of marketing, promoting, and forum chatting.
That is why, we keep this to a minimum and dedicate our time to you: the customer. When you call or email, whether it's questions about a product or to purchase a new item, we dedicate ourselves to that moment- and whatever follow-up necessary.

Our 25+ years in the service and automotive industry separate us from others and we have many great relationships with other companies in the BMW tuning world.
These companies know and trust customers cars to VAC's components and engines. Many of the worlds most well know BMWs are "VAC Motorsports powered", whether known or not ;)

VAC Motorsports has always catered to the professional racer, and therefore only designs and retail professional motorsport grade products.
This reputation needs no loud marketing campaign; when customers around the world need the best of the best, they find us

Q: Where did the name VAC Motorsports come from?

A: VAC stands for "Verna's Auto Clinic"

In 1984, president Tony Salloum purchased "Verna's Auto Body" from then current owner Lou Verna.
Already specializing in auto body, the company then expanded into providing service and maintenance for all kinds of vehicles. Being a BMW fan since the company was young, the years brought a focus to BMW specialty care and the high performance aspects of BMW vehicles. Over time, the business became an entity of Auto Body, BMW Service and Maintenance, and to our current "VAC Motorsports" where our unique "total knowledge" of these vehicles gives us a unique insight on what a BMW owner and Racer expects from vehicles of their caliber.