VAC Motorsports Machined Parts

Q: Why are some of your parts more expensive than the competition?

A: This fact we do not deny, it's for the same reason a BMW costs more than its competition; true dedication to quality. The fact of the matter is, we have been making custom precision race and high performance parts longer than many "BMW tuners" have been in business.

We do not subcontract out our VAC Motorsports parts to other shops and our machinists and technicians drive BMWs and M cars just like yours. We are driven by the same passion for excellence that drives BMW to make the ultimate driving machine and we strive to make our items the best, not the cheapest or the easiest to mass produce. Cheap prices and parts do not drive loyalty and return business. Every year consecutively since we started specializing in BMW, the VAC Motorsports team has grown due to our philosophies and commitment.

Every part we make is produced by one technician at a time, each product is inspected and checked by one of a team of technicians. If it does not meet our expectations of quality, it is discarded.
We strive to offer and manufacture the best parts, and services because we accept nothing less from the VAC team and we hope you put us to the test!

Q: I am having troubles fitting my pulleys to my vehicle, what's wrong?

A: We used the most advanced machining and designing software and equipment available to us to make sure every part is machined to the correct tolerance down to the thousandths of an inch. Our parts are test fitted and verified in the prototype and production stages.

Most of the time, with any vehicle that has been serviced or on the road for many years or thousands of miles, some parts (Like bushings, bearings, gaskets, and arms) do wear out and/or get installed improperly.

There are some times when a part does not fit a customers vehicle, in these instances, you will find that you may have a pulley mounted backwards or that an OEM component is worn out of spec. Chances are, this is the case.

Please, call us or email us with any questions! We are always happy to provide help on our products.

Q: Why should I buy VAC brand Under-drive Pulleys (or any other machined aluminum part)?

A: We don't advertise our pulleys as having any magical properties; rather, they are made with sound engineering principals, quality materials, care, and 50 years plus racing experience in our own machine shop in the USA by a single technician. They are always checked for quality and finish, then they are hard anodized (not cosmetically as some lesser brands) for durable reliable use and OEM or greater level of quality.